Swix Black Wolf High Fluoro Wax: HF8BW: Bulk Wax: Closeout

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Flash Sale! Get the 60 grams size for $25!

(We cut too much of it...so take advantage of the extra savings while it lasts.)

Swix Black Wolf High Fluoro Wax: HF8BW: Bulk Wax

We have a limited supply of Swix HF8BW Black Wolf High Fluoro Wax on Closeout.

Save over 60% compared to Our Bulk Wax Pricing on Current HFBWX versions.

We ship Bulk Wax in Resealable Plastic Bags.

(The Container and Label included with Package Wax is NOT INCLUDED)

Avalable Options:

180 Grams* : Full Bar as supplied by Swix

90 Grams : 180 Gram Bar Cut in Half : 1/2 the Price

60 Grams : 180 Gram Bar Cut in Thirds : 1/3 the Price (Flash Sale : 1/4 the Price!)

*180 Grams is the nominal product weight supplied by Swix.

Actual weight may vary, which can also affect the cut versions overall weight.

*For the 60 gram 1/3 bar option, we only ship the 'End Cuts'

('Center Cuts' are sold locally at a reduced price/gram)


The BW solid lubricant additive reduces the friction in contaminated snow

The adjusted hardness makes the wax more durable and absorbs less dirt

Excellent results in artificial snow as well as natural transformed older snow, especially noticeable when used alone

HF08BWX can be used as a race wax alone, but is often used as a base for Cera F powder, such as FC08X

Highly fluorinated wax is the most used wax on the World Cup

This wax falls into in a common winter-time temperature and therefore is used often


Swix Red Temperature Range: Red: Solid: Bulk Wax : No Display Packaging or Labels Included.

Air Temp Range: -4C to 1C (25F to 34F): Iron Temp: Do no exceed 120C (245F)