ARTECHSKI Medium Bronze Brush

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Our New Series of ARTECH Brushes are manufactured by Swix : Identical construction and quality.

Save 10 percent vs Swix Medium Bronze Brush. (MPN T0162D : SKU 565-1742)


Medium bronze bristles with a perimeter of softer nylon to act as sweepers for wax particles: Use as first brush after waxing medium temperature waxes

10 strokes recommended for best results

Rectangular Hand Brushes are great for travel and as an economical way to build a selection of ski tuning brushes: Always wear safety tuning gloves while brushing out ski bases to protect your hands from sharp edges


Black Frame/Bronze Bristles

Rectangular Hand Brush: 3 x 5 inches: 15 mm bristles

Manufactured by Swix: Identical construction and quality at a lower price point.