Briko Fluid Vulcano FIS Helmet: Lindsey Vonn Red Bull Edition

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Vulcano FIS is the racing wind shaped aerodynamic helmet used by World Cup athletes and holds the FIS 6.8 safety certification.

A cutting edge design combines both safety and aerodynamic performance.

Fluid Inside Technology
Enhances your helmet’s ability to protect your brain by mimicking Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), your brain’s natural protection. Fluid acts as a second layer to CSF by simultaneously managing the linear and rotational forces that scientific research has shown to cause concussions. At the moment of impact, the foam compresses to proviide added linear impact protection. Fluid equals total brain protection plus personalized fit and comfort. Tested at the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory (NISL).

6.8 ABS Hard Shell : EPS G-Force : Comfort Flat Stiches, Polygiene : Removable Protetto System

Certifications: FIS 6.8 - ASTM F:2040/A - CE EN 1077/A

Micrometrical Metallic Buckle

Safety Accessories: Chinguard Vulcano FIS CH0001-00 M-L

Lindsey Vonn Red Bull Edition


Sizes: M-56, ML-58

Color: Silver Blue Gold