Briko Vulcano FIS Junior Helmet: Lindsey Vonn Red Bull Edition

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The Vulcano FIS JR is the Junior Edition of Vulcano FIS Helmet and has an adjustable fit system.

It is available in two sizes and appropriate for U12 and U14 age groups.

As new race generation helmets, the Vulcano FIS JR is FIS certified and ready for the Protetto System.

A cutting edge design combines both safety and aerodynamic performance.

It includes an anti-concussion shock absorbing system that enhances helmet safety called the Protetto (patent pending).

ABS Hard Shell : Comfort Flat Stiches, Polygiene : Removable Protetto System

Certifications: FIS 6.8 - ASTM F:2040/A - CE EN 1077/A

Micrometrical Metallic Buckle

Safety Accessories: Chinguard Vulcano FIS CH0001-00 M-L

Lindsey Vonn Red Bull Edition


Sizes: Junior: X/S and  S/M

Color: Silver Blue Gold