Holmenkol Betamix Red: 200 grams: Bulk Wax


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We made a special request with Holmenkol to have them produce a special run of BetaMix for us in bulk form.

Get 33% more and pay 15% less compared to the Package Wax version. (You are welcome :)


Having a very wide temperature range, the BetaMix wax is used for both training and race day

For coarse-grained, dry, aggressive snow


Red: Solid: Bulk Wax: No Lid or Label Included

Snow temp range: 7F / 25F (-14C / -4C): Iron Temp: 257F / 275F (125C to 135C): 200 grams (7 oz)

Bulk Wax: No Lid/Label or Tub Included