POC Iris Goggle Lens

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Replacement Goggle Double Lenses for POC Iris Goggles
ONLY FITS 2016/17 (and Newer) Iris Goggle Models with the + Sign molded in to the frame behind the goggle strap. The + sign is also on the lens graphic.
Does Not Fit prior model year Iris Goggles as POC changed the mold attachment points.

Colors: 003-Orange (DL), 006-Blue (DL), 008-Transparent (DL), 019-Pink (DL), 040-Brown (DL), 076-Smokey Yellow (DL), 074-Persimmon/Red Mirror (DL), 019-Pink (DL), 022-Yellow (DL), 022-Yellow (DL)

Lens Sizes: (S)mall and (M)edium Sizes: Be sure to select the lens size that matches your goggle size.