POC Retina Clarity Comp Spare Goggle Lens

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  • POC Retina Clarity Comp Spare Goggle Lens: 9454-Clarity Comp/No Mirror
  • POC Retina Clarity Comp Spare Goggle Lens: 9452-Clarity Comp/Spektris Silver
  • POC Retina Clarity Comp Spare Goggle Lens: 9453-Clarity Comp/Spektris Blue
  • POC Retina Clarity Comp Spare Goggle Lens: 8229-Clarity Comp/Spektris Pink
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POC Clarity lenses have a frequency tuned in to the precise needs of skiers and snowboarders who require all day precision and performance. Three lenses, sunny, partly sunny and overcast, have been designed with the optimal level of intensity and contrast to enhance vision for all day, all mountain performance.

POC Clarity Comp has three lenses tuned in to the precise needs of competition skiers in sunny, partly sunny and overcast conditions and have light frequency profiles which have been maximised for use in the intense short term periods typically associated with ski racing.

Spektris mirror coatings
POC Clarity lenses for sunny and partly sunny conditions are enhanced with specific mirror coatings, which have been engineered in collaboration with ZEISS to balance perfectly with Clarity lens base tints.

Optical performance in brighter conditions depends on both the base tint, which supports the visible light, color and contrast transmitted to the eye, and the mirror coating which when created to work in synch can enhance color and contrast whilst also protecting the eyes from fatigue and glare.

POC and ZEISS have brought together their extensive scientific and technical knowledge in developing lenses to produce Spektris mirror coatings which feature exactly the right blend of color, minerals and metals to support Clarity base tints.

By combining POC Clarity lenses with Spektris mirror coatings we have been able to create lenses that are infused with technology and experience, uniquely balanced to provide users with the best possible vision and protection on brighter days.

POC Clarity – see the light. Improve safety, performance and achieve a new level of sensory clarity.

Important: Due to the changes in lens thickness, old frames and lenses are incompatible with the new frames and lenses for Iris, Retina and Retina Big. All new lenses have a + sign on the lens.

This Retina lens fits only with Retina frames from season 2016/17 onwards!

  • Available colors: Clarity Comp/No Mirror, Clarity Comp/Spektris Silver, Clarity Comp/Spektris Blue, Clarity Comp/Spektris Pink, Clarity Comp/Low Light
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