Ski Tuning Services: Base Structures


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Montana's legendary stone grinding system allows precisely cut, computer controlled dressing structures.

Consistent reproductions of the cleanest, fiber-free base structures from Montana's dressing system and stone technology.

The vast majority of base structures fall in to two primary groups, being "Broken Linear" and "Chevron" Patterns.

Broken Linear patterns are created using linear grooves running down the length of the ski base with Breaks and Shifts, giving them a Broken appearance.

Chevron patterns are essentially Broken Linear Patterns that are mirrored about the center line of the ski creating a book-end appearance.

Our Montana is capable of altering the pressure curve in to 8 segments along the ski, allowing for precise variations in the base structure patterns.

We are also capable of creating an assorted array of Custom Patterns that can be applied for various performance and aesthetic reasons.


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