Ski Tuning Services: Edge Tuning


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The side (vertical) edge of the ski requires sharpening on a regular basis to maintain a proper tune. The edge angle is based off the ski base reference, so a 90 degree bevel angle is vertical, and every subsequent angle above 90 degrees pitches the ski edge towards the sidewall of the ski. 

A 3 degree angle is the most common side edge angle for both Slalom and GS Race Skis. Most edge angle guides used for tuning reference either greater than or less than 90 degrees, so an 87 or a 93 degree angle guide would be the same 3 degree angle.

The base edge of the ski does not require as much maintenance as the side edge, and is typically set to the desired angle after a base structure has been performed. 1 degree is the most common base edge angle, with the small amount of variation (0.5 - 1.0) being less noticeable compared to the side edge angle.

While our Montana Snow Star handles the heavy lifting of establishing the highest quality base structures, the majority of our ski tuning services are done by hand, utilizing the best tools available to our race technician. 

Our technician uses an array of hand tools for sharpening ski edges, including the Swix EVO Pro Power Tuner. While this tool is not designed to change the edge angle of a ski, being a common task on new race stock skis, it performs incredibly well for sharpening side edges. 

A final step will include polishing the edge with a diamond file and ceramic stone to smooth out any marks left by the rotation of the EVO Pro Diamond Disc.


We know that ski tuning services are more involved than just clicking a few options and adding an item to your shopping cart. Reach out to us with the chat widget in the lower right and we can help you out with any questions you may have.