Swix Black Wolf High Fluoro Wax: HF7BWX Violet: 40 grams: Packaged Wax

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A new wax with an improved recipe, proven to be significant better than the old HF7BW

A versatile wax suited for normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get a good end-result

The BW solid lubricant additive reduces the friction in cold conditions and in contaminated snow

It’s a very popular wax both in alpine and cross country and has shown good properties on artificial snow in addition to natural, transformed older snow

HF07BWX can be used as a race wax alone, but is often used as a base for Cera F powder, such as FC07X.

Highly fluorinated wax for use in high humidity and new, man-made snow

These waxes are more durable, dirt resistant, and provide fast acceleration

These waxes work best in higher humidity and combined with Swix Cera F waxes


Swix Violet Temperature Range: Black: Solid: Display Packaging

Temperature range from -2C to -8C (28F to 18F): Recommended iron temp: 140C (284F): 40 grams
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