Swix Cera F Powder: FC07X Violet: 30 grams: Packaged Wax

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A powder developed for normal winter conditions from around freezing and colder

From the cold side this powder performs well until you have a "suction" feeling in the track, then the FC08X is a better choice.

100% fluorocarbon for cold conditions on old or new snow

For best results, use with Swix LF6, HF6, HF6BW, LF7, HF7, or HF7BW waxes

Can be added to melted wax for ease of application


Swix Violet Temperature Range: White: Powder: Display Packaging

Swix Violet Air Temp Range: +2C to -6C (36F to 21F): Iron Temp: 320F (160C): 30 grams (1 oz.)