Swix Cold Powder Wax: CH3X White: 30 grams: Packaged Wax

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This is a special synthetic hydrocarbon powder wax to add to other waxes to increase their durability and to protect the base from ice abrasion

I For especially abrasive snow, such as newly man-made snow, apply the wax of choice and then iron

I While the wax is still in liquid form, or at least still warm, sprinkle CH3X over the wax

I Even a generous amount will not effect glide

I Then iron the CH3X powder into the wax layer. Allow cooling, then scrape and brush away the excess.

A pure hydrocarbon powder for use in very cold snow conditions

Can be used alone or as a base for other waxes during abrasive conditions such as newly man-made snow

Special hydrocarbon powder increases hardness of all waxes it is mixed with


Swix Specific Temperature Range: White: Powder: Display Packaging

Air Temp Range: -12C to -32C (12F to -26F): Iron Temp: 310F (155C): 30 grams (1.05 oz.)