Swix Evo Pro Edger Deluxe Kit

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Swix Evo Pro Edger Deluxe Kit

Kit Includes the Following:
1 Swix Evo Pro Edger Tool
1 Fine Grit Diamond Disc (Included with Evo Tuner)
1 Additional Diamond Disc: Choose from X-FINE, Fine, Medium or Coarse Grit.
1 Hard Clam Shell Travel Case: Die-cut internal padding is specifically shaped to holder the Evo Tuner, Power Cords and 2 Spare Diamond Discs*
(*1 Spare Disc is Included with Kit)
1 Particulate Face Mask

Individual Price Breakdown (MSRP)
Swix Evo Tuner: $549.00
1 Replacement Diamond Disc: $100.00
1 Hard Shell Case: $40.00
1 Particulate Face Mask: $5.00
Individual MSRP Total $694.00

Deluxe Kit Price: $549.00 : 20% Savings of $145.00

Swix Evo Pro Edger Tool Features:

Choose from 6 side edge angles with tool-free ease. (85-90 degrees)

Spring Tension Rotational Safety Cutoff makes for a worry free tuning experience.

Tool Free Adjustments and Cleaning.

Watch the Product Video Below for a demonstration.


Power Source: 110 Volt : No Batteries to Recharge.

Fine Grit Diamond Disc Included : X-Fine, Medium and Coarse Grits sold separately.

Color: Swix Red

Call us with any questions prior to purchasing this device and READ THE MANUAL before using it!

(No Returns Accepted Once The Tuner Has Been Used)