Swix High Fluoro Wax: HF5X Turquoise: 180 grams: Packaged Wax

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The 5 series is brand new for the Cera Nova X line, and fulfill a hardness gap between the 4 and the 6 series

It was a demand from alpine and has been used with great success in World Cup over the last two seasons

Cross country is also gradually discovering HF05X and we see more and more servicemen who prefer this wax in cold conditions

The lower melting point compared to the 4 series makes it easier to work with, without sacrificing the good glide properties it has in cold conditions

HF05X can be used as a race wax alone or as a base for Cera F powder, such as FC05X.


Temperature range from -8C to -14C (18F to 7F): Recommended iron temp: 150C (311F): 180 grams